Shopping For Beautiful Silver Jewellery In Bangkok

Bangkok is an excellent destination for jewellery shopping, and there is plenty of choices available. One of the reasons there are so many choices is Bangkok is a global trading centre for coloured gemstones and finished jewellery. The city boasts many excellent artisans creating beautiful jewellery of the highest quality by hand. Whether you are looking for wholesale minimalist silver jewelry or want to buy gifts for friends and family, plenty of options are available. Below are some tips to help you find some excellent jewellery bargains and get the best price possible for your purchase.

Research Online Before You Go Shopping

You can save yourself a lot of time, effort, and money when you research online and find the best places to shop using the internet. An excellent place to look for suitable shops you can visit is websites such as TripAdvisor, where you will be able to read reviews of the experiences of people who have used their services. You will be able to create a list of places to visit and see what they have available, and then you need to learn how to negotiate to get a bargain.

The Art Of Haggling

An excellent thing about shopping in Thailand is that you can more than likely haggle on the price of something you want to buy. When you have visited a jewellery store and found the perfect pieces to purchase, you can then start the negotiations on the price. You will want the vendor to make the first move and tell you how much they want for the item, and then you can come back with a counteroffer. You need to ensure you do not make your offer too low as this can cause offense, and they may refuse to deal with you entirely.

Bring Along Your Passport

You will also want to bring your passport with you when you go jewellery shopping in Thailand, as this can help you save money. Thailand has a VAT Refund for Tourists Scheme, which you can take advantage of and save 7% on the purchase price. The store will need to be a member of this scheme to save money on the purchase, but you can also claim the money back at the airport before you leave and head home. There is some paperwork to fill out, and you will need your passport, but it is a painless process. You can often complete the refund in 20 minutes or so and make your silver jewellery purchase an absolute bargain.