What To Expect When Sending Your Gems To Be Tested In Bangkok

There are many reasons why you may want to do test the gems in your jewellery. You may want to find out the value for insurance purposes, or you may have inherited the jewellery and are unsure what it is. Whatever reason you want to have your gems tested, there are plenty of excellent places to have it done in Bangkok. Bangkok is one of the central trading hubs worldwide for finished jewellery and coloured gemstones, so there are plenty of experts that you can use. Below are some things to expect when sending your gems to be tested, so you know what to expect in your report.

Finding A Reputable Gemstone Laboratory

Many places offer gemstone testing in Bangkok, so it is simple to find companies offering this service. A quick search online using your preferred search engine will return many companies that you can contact. You will want to contact each of them and explain what you want to do and why, and they will be able to tell you how much it costs. The prices will be like most other companies offering the service, and once you have found a reputable one you like, you can take your jewellery to them and test it. The report you receive will usually take a couple of days before it is ready, and below is some of the information it will most likely contain.

What To Expect In Your Gemstone Report?

The report that you receive for your gemstones will contain a lot of useful information, although it will not give a value for the gems. Some of the information that is included is as follows:

The Type Of Gem: The report will indicate what type of gemstone it is.

The Origin: By looking at the gemstone’s chemical composition, they can also determine its most probable source, including the country and area within.

The Cut: They will also confirm the cut of the gem and its dimensions.

The Colour: The colour will also be stated, and will be colour graded using the internationally accepted methodology.

Gemstone Enhancements: The report will also indicate whether you have a natural gemstone and whether it has been enhanced or not. The gem report can also include probable enhancements it has undergone, but these may not be 100% accurate.

You will also have a unique reference number on your report, and it will be signed by the expert that conducted the test and wrote the report. Once you have your report, if you want to know the value of your gems, take them and your report to a reputable jeweller, and they will be able to assess it for you.