Be Careful: Your Coffee Mug Could Spill Your Secrets

Personal expression is an interesting thing. We all look for ways to express our personalities without going overboard. Some people do it with T-shirts and hoodies. Others express themselves in the cars they drive or the houses they live in. Maybe you are the type of person who finds self-expression in your coffee mug.

Today, customized coffee mugs are as ubiquitous as the T-shirts that birthed them. Technology makes it easy for manufacturers to print just about anything on a coffee mug. Moreover, retailers like Plurawl are more than happy to sell coffee mugs with messages unique to their brand and ethos.

If you are into self-expression via the receptacle from which you drink your coffee, be careful. Your coffee mug could spill your secrets – in addition to hot coffee.

World’s Best Mom/Dad

In the early days of customized coffee mugs, a common message proved a mug’s owner was the world’s best mom or dad. Who wouldn’t want such a mug for the office? It is a pretty cool thing to walk to and from the break room with a coffee mug that advertises how your kids feel about you. That is, assuming they were the ones who gave it to you.

On the other hand, your parents might have given you that mug on the birth of your first child. They had no way of knowing what type of parent you were going to be. So yeah, they were a little biased. Maybe the mug doesn’t accurately reflect your true parenting self.

The Best Team in the League

For a lot of us, coffee mugs promote what we feel to be the best team in the league. Maybe you are a New Yorker and a diehard Yankees fan. You have a whole collection of pinstriped mugs featuring the best Yankees of all time. Just don’t go to the break room when you know Mets fans will be there. You don’t want to start a brawl.

If you live in Boston, perhaps the Patriots are your thing. The Buccaneers are big in Tampa Bay, while the Lakers have the attention of Los Angeles sports fans. Everybody just calm down. You can all get coffee mugs branded by your favorite team.

Favorite Cultural Influences

More recently, coffee mugs have taken on more important matters of cultural influence. For instance, you can pop on over to the Plurawl website for coffee mugs, T-shirts, and hoodies designed uniquely for the LatinX community.

Yes, they have a couple of coffee mugs based on Yankees players. But they also carry products featuring the likenesses of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomeyer and U.S. representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Their artwork is pretty interesting, too. If you are into LatinX culture, you’ll get it.

The Best Travel Destinations

Maybe your coffee mugs reveal that you are a travel junkie. Every place you go, you pick up a new mug. One look at your collection reveals that you have seen the Grand Canyon, New York City, London’s Piccadilly Circus, and several Mexican resort towns. You have even participated in a genuine Oktoberfest celebration in Bavaria.

A coffee cup is just another cup from which you can dispense a hot beverage. A coffee mug, on the other hand, is an extension of who you are. It is an expression of your authentic self. Perhaps it’s time to stop settling for generic coffee mugs that don’t say anything in particular. Maybe it’s time to break the mold with a new mug or two that speaks to who you are. Just be careful. Your coffee mugs could spill your secrets.