Why is the diamond in your engagement ring so precious?

Choosing the right engagement ring is necessary and not that easy of a hurdle. A simple pair of earrings and a necklace which you will gift at a wedding can also get hard to select. The right diamond and metal combination are what gives every ring a unique touch. The buyers often overlook the last part as a ring that looks good is what they choose. But we have several facts to aid you in making the right choice with types of ring settings.

What is a diamond setting?

Diamonds are vital elements that can freely cut glass with just a little bit of pressure. The diamonds can also fall off the ring if not held with the required force. But apply too much pressure, and you end up harming the diamond. We have experimented with multiple styles and designs to find some fantastic settings for your engagement ring. The diamond is secured with usually six claws, which are slim to allow for the diamond to refract light better.

Prong setting diamonds

Prong setting diamonds have four or six prongs holding a large piece of diamond. These types of ring settings are a setting for traditional wedding rings and are personalization friendly with metal and wraps.  This setting’s main priority is the diamond, and prongs are also referred to as claws sometimes.

Halo settings

Halo settings are for round or oval styled diamonds of a high caret. The diamond is attached to the ring in the form of a halo on top. The settings can be of the same shape as the center stone, which has a cushioning on the finger. Halo settings are prevalent among brides and are very customizable and versatile. This setting makes the diamond appear half a carat larger than it is.

Tension setting

Recently, Tension setting diamonds are trendy as well, with a unique design. The platinum is usually slim and customizable, with a stone attached either a little smaller or larger than the ring width. These types of ring settings spring a gorgeous contrast to the ornament for well-organized fashion. Tension diamond rings are for engagement or weddings and are very durable in make.

The cathedral setting

Cathedral settings are elegant pieces of many diamonds arranged precisely into a single ring. The central diamond is held together by a set of prongs and gives a sense of density. These elegant types of ring settings are excellent for engagement rings, and wedding rings are trendy among celebrity brides. More creatively, the center setting can be anything ranging from halos to tension as well.


These settings are great for both weddings and engagement rings, but in the end, your taste knows best. Engagement rings should be anything that gives you satisfaction. Love knows no bounds, and people sometimes are willing to marry over paper rings. We craft every ring in our collection with masterful precision for efficiency and durability. Platinum is the best metal for diamonds because they match the value of each other. Platinum also has unique but subtle reflective properties to give the diamond a classy shimmer.