The Truth About Marijuana

Most of us already know that the pharmaceutical industry waged an all-out war on weed a century ago, when they discovered the almost magical healing quality of marijuana, and early attempts to give THC potions to the infirmed were quickly quashed by the medical profession. They were the creators of the term ‘quack’, which is now regarded as a doctor who is not, if that makes any sense, and it wasn’t until the turn of the new century that the truth finally came out.

Used for Centuries

Civilisations all over the world incorporated marijuana into their culture, using the herb for a range of physical ailments, while the shaman would smoke before entering into his spiritual ascension, and around 1920, the pharmaceutical industry lobbied to have cannabis criminalised, and the dark period began.


Once the stigma was removed, and people realised that marijuana was not a gateway drug, the masses were educated about the amazing medicinal properties of this unique plant, with CBD oil becoming widely available. IN all pro-weed states in the US, crime has dropped significantly, as they are no longer arresting weed smokers, and the amount of revenue legal weed generates is staggering, as people buy government approved weed, rather than from the drug dealer, which is another good reason to legalise. The police are happy to wipe weed from their list of substances, as they never have any issues with smokers, who are socially responsible people, not criminals.


Millions of people around the world smoke marijuana, and with online stores that sell bongs, lighters, peace pipes, grinders, you can smoke and relax, safe in the knowledge you are not breaking the law (assuming you live in a legalised country or state), if not, keep a low profile and order online. It is expected that all US states will eventually legalise marijuana, as pro-weed states enjoy huge revenues and the growing industry is booming.

Global Repercussions should mean decriminalising weed and in many countries, allow recreational use, and the war on drugs has been shown to be completely ineffective and will hopefully be scrapped. The benefits for humanity are indeed many, as we all enjoy the medicinal benefits of smoking marijuana, and now that we have unveiled big pharma’s wicked plans, perhaps it is time to delve into the murky waters of vaccinations, but we’ll leave that for another time.