A Useful Guide to Vaping in Australia

Vaping has become more and more popular throughout the world, and Australia is no different. There are different laws in every country with regards to vaping, within Australia, the law even differs from state to state. Most people tend to vape as a hobby, and some do it to get off regular cigarettes. If you don’t know much about vaping, this guide will help you understand it in more detail.

Electronic Cigarettes in Australia

Many people are under the assumption that it is illegal to purchase e cigs in Australia, but this isn’t true. You can buy e cigarettes which contain nicotine in Australia as long as you order via international post. If you are ordering a supply which is 3 months or less for personal use and you use international post, you aren’t breaking any law.

Regulations state that if you are buying e cigarettes in Australia, you can’t buy any which contain nicotine. It is perfectly legal to buy an e cig off an Australian company without any nicotine inside. If you need more information about vape online, you can look at some of the best Aussie websites for guidelines on buying off Australian sellers. You can order a starter kit from an Australian company and if you wish to use nicotine, just go to a seller outside of the country and have it delivered to your home. As long as it is under 1,000 dollars, it is deemed as personal use and completely above board.

In addition, we must mention that you have to be 18 years of age or older to purchase any vaping products in the Australia. It is illegal to sell to anyone under this age.


Some ex-cigarette smokers use vaping as a way to get off nicotine. But, they can’t go straight from having nicotine cigarettes to nothing, that’s why they need some level of nicotine while they vape. After they’ve learned to control their nicotine intake and they are ready to stop, they can then order from Australian companies without having to look for nicotine outside the country.

Legal Age to Vape

Vaping regulations around the globe differ from country to country, some have an outright ban on vaping, while others are more tolerant. If you are going to travel abroad or to another state in Oz, this information may come in handy.

  • Australia – You can use e cigs, but the law differs from state to state. To ensure you know the difference, go online and read about the different limitations.
  • New Zealand – They are quite progressive, but you must be 18+ to vape.
  • UK – Vaping is permitted almost anywhere if you are over 18.
  • US – Age limit varies depending on the state (18 – 21 years).

You must be at least 18 years old to buy vaping equipment in Australia. If you are travelling abroad, you should check the countries law before bringing your e cigarette. Some countries have a total ban on vaping, while others are more progressive. If you want to know more about vaping, there are plenty of online resources that can help.