Corporate Gift-Giving: How to Make your Recipients Happy

As a business leader, one of your major concerns is making sure your workers feel appreciated. More than just giving verbal praises, you want to give them occasional gifts to show your appreciation of their hard work and contribution to your company.

Even if you own a small business with only a few employees, there will be special occasions and achievements that deserve recognition. But, giving a Cadeau corporatif haut de gamme in the workplace can be tricky. You need to follow some rules to ensure your gift makes your recipient happy. These include the following:

Set a Good Budget

No matter who you are giving a gift to, the amount to spend can be a tough thing to figure out. In fact, it can get tougher if you are giving a gift to your colleagues. Start by thinking about the purpose of giving the gift. If you want to congratulate somebody on a job well done, a gift card might be fine. If you are celebrating an engagement or promotion, think of something a bit more significant.

Do your Homework

When choosing a gift, you want to make sure your recipient will like it. That is why you must spend time researching their preference and taste. This will help you avoid offending them instead of making them happy. If your recipient is a gourmet enthusiast, think about reserving a great meal at their favourite restaurant or giving a gourmet gift basket.

Match the Gift with the Occasion

As a company leader, you have lots of opportunities throughout the year to give gifts to your employees on special occasions. But, you don’t pick just any gift. Aside from making sure it suits your recipient, it also has to match with the occasion. For instance, a gift basket filled with sweets and goodies can be a great Halloween gift for everyone in the workplace.

Attach a Handwritten Note

While you can easily shoot off an email or copy and paste a note into an e-card, a handwritten note will make a stronger impression. If you want maximum impact, remember an important thing about the recipient and mention it in the note.

Deliver the Gift Personally

If possible, deliver every gift you have bought to your recipients personally. Just like a handwritten note, this will create a stronger impact. Also, you can use this time to catch up briefly with your employees.